Important Rehearsals for Virtual Event

A few months ago – you know, when the madness was at its height -we wrote about the errors of virtual events. If you are an avid reader of Endless, you may remember that one of these mistakes preceded the rehearsals. And if you are not an avid reader…well, what are you waiting for? But back to the topic under consideration. At the time – and no, we can’t believe it’s only been a few weeks either – we felt it was important to warn event professionals against this. However, we didn’t dive as deep as we had hoped.

So here we are! Yes, today we are going to explain exactly why virtual event rehearsals should be non-negotiable. While some in the industry might believe that these are not necessary, we still advise against it. If there’s anything 2020 has learned, it’s that we can never be too prepared. And when it comes to the relatively unexplored waters of the virtual (because there is still a lot to learn and refine), this is truer than ever. Then let us explore the benefits of virtual event rehearsals!

Reduce Anxiety By 300 Notches

Anxiety levels have increased among event professionals. It is common knowledge that our industry is one of the most stressful and trying. Add a global recent times to this equation and you have the recipe for several meltdowns to start happening. Not to mention the stress of having to learn how to plan and execute virtual experiences that engage and motivate participants! So yes, we can all agree that there is already a lot of anxiety among event professionals.

A great way to increase these levels even more is, you guessed it, to repeat the repetitions. Even though the industry has migrated en masse to the field of digital experiences, this format is still incredibly new. Where the speakers had years and years of experience in face-to-face engagements, they barely scratch the surface of the virtual. Therefore, making sure they rehearse everything before the big day reduces stress not only for them, but also for you and your production team. Remember that we are all in this together when it comes to the novelty of it all. Practice makes perfect and will ease the mind of everyone involved.

Holding People Accountable

The new trend in 2021 is responsibility. Jump on the bandwagon and make sure you hold everyone accountable for their actions and commitments-your politicians, your family and friends, yourself! Let no one get away without taking responsibility for their actions! When it comes to virtual event rehearsals, we’re talking about your speakers.

When events were held only in person, it was quite easy to find your keynotes and presenters so that you could rush them to the stage at the appropriate time. With the virtual, it gets a little trickier. And if you decide not to hold rehearsals, you give them a loophole to cling to if they don’t log in on time or participate as they should. By preparing in advance and offering the necessary guidelines, you have the power to hold presenters accountable for not showing up at the right time or not following the instructions given to them during rehearsals.

Think About The Production Team

If you are planning a successful virtual event, you have probably hired a production team. You know, the team of experts who run the show behind the scenes and basically make sure everything goes smoothly. Well, this beautiful tape also needs you to take seriously the rehearsals of virtual events.

Take it from us, a production company with years of expertise behind us. Even though we do it all the time, there are still unique variables for each event. Rehearsing before the event goes live gives the production team the opportunity to review every aspect and ensure that all elements and moving parts of the experience are executed flawlessly.

Don’t mess around with the Setup/location

Now that we’ve managed to convince you of the importance of virtual event rehearsals, we want to give you a pro tip. One of our biggest pet peeves is when speakers show up for rehearsal in a certain location using a specific setup, to arrive virtually on the day of the show in a brand new setting or with a brand new microphone/camera/lighting setup.

If the presenters don’t stay in exactly the same position, using exactly the same equipment that they did during the rehearsal, it’s like having to rehearse again. The only problem is that it happens live or a few minutes before the start of the show! This can lead to a lot of things going south, starting the event after , and a lot of headaches and stress for everyone involved – planner, speaker, production team members and participants.