Powerful Tools for Virtual Events for Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most important processes in marketing. Ask any company and they will tell you exactly. Working groups consisting of many qualified people are formed solely for the purpose of generating leads. And for years, organizations have harnessed the power of conferences and trade shows to improve their overall marketing strategies. But you don’t need us to tell you all this! When it comes to personal events that stop, it’s a different story.

The Goal Is Already There
One of the first steps in planning an event – regardless of format – is defining the target audience. And when you use events as a tool to generate leads, it becomes increasingly important. You only want people to attend your event if they match your marketing personalities and are likely to be interested in what you are selling. This is marketing 101!

When it comes to in-person events, there is always a chance that someone will be there as a company rather than a potential buyer. Who among us has not dragged a friend or relative to an event with us? Well, there is definitely nothing of this in virtual events. People live at a distance and alone, period. And with so many online experiences to choose from, if they choose yours, then they are sure to be interested! The likelihood that your virtual event will only attract a pool of potential profits is quite attractive, isn’t it?

And You Can Connect With A Wider Audience!
Since we’re talking about the potential benefits of virtual events for lead generation, let’s discuss the scope, shall we? No matter how large a venue you might grab for your in-person event, it would never come close to the capabilities of a virtual event. Whether it’s 100 or 10,000, the truth is that the virtual is virtually unlimited.

This means that, when it comes to the pool of people you can contact and host during your virtual experience, the sky is the limit! Your reach is no longer limited by travel costs, site capacity, or budget constraints. For the very first time, events are opening up and evolving into a world where bringing together hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people is possible!

Minimize Costs
Let’s be clear here – don’t neglect the production budget of your virtual event! It is a common misconception that these experiences cost much less than personal experiences. But as we have already explained, this only applies if you want to hold a glorified Zoom webinar as opposed to a full-fledged virtual event. However, if lead generation is your goal, it’s not a good idea (and it’s just not the right way to do it in general).

When we talk about minimizing costs, we mean on the part of the participants. We have already briefly discussed it above. But it should be emphasized that the barriers to entry into a virtual event are much lower than in personal experiences. No travel costs, whether by plane or not, no excesses on hotel rooms, no extra meals outside the catering…all of this makes for a very engaging opportunity for your potential audience!

Shortening The Sales Cycle
As anyone who works in the grueling world of marketing and sales will tell you, the sales cycle is not a picnic. You often have to work on a prospect for several weeks and guide them through different stages of the funnel. And all this does not even guarantee that the deal will be concluded in the end! This is a lot of time and effort, with zero certainty of a positive result.

However, transfer all this to a virtual environment, and things are completely different. In one go, you qualify your prospects (see the first point), make demonstrations, present your products / services and let the negotiations take place on site. And so virtual lead generation events can take your sales cycle from a few weeks to several hours.

Broadcast What The Audience Wants To See
Virtual events allow real-time interaction with the audience. While some may believe that virtual audience engagement is a difficult task to achieve successfully, there are actually many tools that can help you, from surveys to live chat and one-on-one interactions between participants.

As a lead generation tool, virtual events become even more powerful when you realize that it’s possible to respond live to what your attendees want. You can evaluate their reactions to the content you present in real time and customize the experience accordingly. In addition, if someone has questions or concerns about your product or service, you can be there for them directly. This gives stellar customer support a whole new meaning!

Virtual Events For Lead Generation: Conclusions
Ooof! It was a crazy race. But the main thing here is quite easy to understand – virtual events, if done correctly, can be your best friend in generating more leads. The benefits are obvious and probably much better than those of an in-person event.

If you’re still interested in learning more about virtual events, download our full guide by clicking the button below. But if you’re ready to produce your own product, talk to us today – The Endless team is ready to help!