Some Ideas for Virtual Event Sponsorship

Finding a virtual event sponsorship idea that works for you may seem difficult at first. And many people might even think that it is absolutely impossible to get there! But as we discussed earlier on the blog, there are many steps you can take. We’ve even dived into some exciting examples for you to choose from. When it comes to some topics, however, we think that you can’t have too many good things. And the concept of virtual event sponsorship fits perfectly into this category.

So on this week’s whiteboard Wednesday, we’re keeping the conversation alive. Our awesome host will Curran has not 10, not 20, but 28 exciting ideas to launch your next virtual event. So if you’re wondering what your options are, then sit back, relax and join us on this awesome journey through the world of sponsorships in the virtual realm!

Virtual event sponsorship ideas: Let’s go!

The Website of the Event

This is where everyone comes for the first time and learns about your event. Your speakers, your agenda, everything like that. Simple and easy ideas. You can do it. You can make logo placements. And you can also make popups on videos. So if you have a trailer for your events, you can also do that.

You can also have side images along your event page, and also keep in mind that this could also be your platform. So all these ideas, you could have them inside your platform. And you can also put ads inside your carousel. So if you’re creating a piece of content, maybe on your blog, where you click on a slideshow, maybe place an ad in between. This is not a problem at all. Very basic digital marketing tips for your event website, but also inside your platform.


Now let’s move on to the next step that many people go through when it comes to the event. And this is the communication they receive. A lot of it is done via email, so we’re going to talk a lot about email marketing for a split second.


The first thing you can have here are banner ads with an e-mail. So if you send updates about speakers and events, or even if someone signs up for your newsletter to stay tuned with what’s going on with your conference, put banner ads in the email. Also, consider a special offer when it comes to the products of the sponsors they serve.

So, for example, if one of your sponsors is selling shampoo, offering maybe 50% off their shampoo, let’s do it. Embed the video in the email-it’s hot right now because people don’t want to just read text on emails and read those long emails. But instead, maybe consider a shorter email with a full embedded video.

So, something you can keep in mind – the meeting links. So, for example, if you send an email every day for your conference, you have 365 emails to send. Maybe you can say, “Hey, if you’d like to meet one of our sponsors before the event, here’s a meeting link.”They click on it. And he shows the sponsor’s agenda so that he can book a meeting with him.

Virtual Event Sponsorship: On The Day Of

Let’s move on to the event itself. These are all ideas for virtual sponsorship before the event and a little post-event as well. But let’s talk about the event. So here’s a simple one, presenters, sponsored content. We don’t want to let sponsors generate content in any way.

But when it comes to your conference, there are presenters within these sponsors who are doing awesome things. Instead of relying on highlighting the leading scientist on the XYZ topic, what if one of your sponsors already has one of these leading scientists within their company? And you can sell this presentation as a sponsorship opportunity. The best thing you can do is tell them that you want quality content first. So start with the quality, then consider the sponsorship opportunity afterwards.

Demos & Announcements

The next thing to consider is playing demos or commercials before the keynotes. Think about why people are listening to the Super Bowl. To watch the ads! So maybe consider putting some really cool ads before your important content that is pre-rolling.

But the important thing to do is to make sure it’s not just “Hey, here’s an ad, look at this.”Make it clickable, make it a call to action. Send them somewhere, book a meeting, go here to our website, whatever it is.

The next thing to look at is also the sponsored logos on the lower thirds of your live streams. So, throughout the presentation, you can say sponsored by XYZ. So, you are probably going to do surveys with regard to educational content. Potentially think about saying “ “This survey is brought to you by XYZ, especially if your event is very important, you can collect serious data during this survey. A sponsor would like to collect this data and say “”Hey, I’m a sponsor of this data.”And then in this way they can get the data presented in their blog posts.

Get Creative With These Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas!

Now we’re getting into what we call the crush the box idea. So instead of thinking outside the box, let’s completely crush this box and start with some really cool and unique ideas. One of them is to create a ranking of participants. So when it comes to engagement and gamification of your entire event, you have a nice and huge ranking. Let’s go ahead and sponsor him as well. Maybe, for example, the winner receives an XYZ product presented to you by the sponsor or maybe it is created by the sponsor.

The next thing to consider is to delight them at the door. So give them a really cool experience when they show up at the event. For example, by offering them a free coupon offer for XYZ when they first sign up. Maybe they get a free product!

Interactivity & Gifts

Consider interactive activities. It’s a wide one. Because there are so many different things you could do – like having a cooking class sponsored by the Food Network. You could have a drawing class offered by DC Comics. There are so many interactive activities you can have, so sponsor them.


And that’s a summary on another awesome whiteboard on Wednesday, this time around virtual event sponsorship ideas! So, are you ready to put your new knowledge to the test?

Download our free virtual event planning checklist today and find out what you need to do every step of the way to create an unforgettable experience for your attendees. And if you are looking for the best virtual event production company, chat with us! The Endless team is here to help you.